Insurance Industry to Reduce Par Policies Illustrative Rates of Return


According to The Business Times: 3 Jun 21, insurance industry to reduce par policies illustrative rates of return. The Life Insurance Association (LIA) said on Wednesday that the upper bound for par policies’ projected rate of return will be reduced from 4.75 to 4.25 per cent; the lower bound will be revised from 3.25 to 3 per cent.

These rates, which kick in on July 1, are used in benefit illustrations for par policies at point of sale. The last time these illustrative rates were reduced was in 2013.
The LIA stressed that the lowering of the illustrative rates does not have bearing on the actual return of an insurer’s par fund nor on the return of existing and future par policies.
There is a possibility, however, that insurers may reprice or redesign their product line-up.

Said the LIA: “Some life insurers may take the opportunity to review and redesign the product features of their offering, since they have to make changes to policy illustrations and, accordingly, policy benefits and premiums may be changed for new products going forward.”
It said consumers should not feel pressured to buy a new par policy before July 1, since the revisions to the illustrative rates have no impact on actual par policies’ returns.
LIA president Khor Hock Seng said in a statement that the revision is “primarily in consideration of the sustained low interest rate environment”. Read the full news acritical below.


Full acritical from LIA will be here 

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