Insurance Advice and Planning Services in Singapore 2019

Insurance Advice and Services

As our world, society, lifestyle, economy and life circumstances continue to change and evolve, so does insurance. Current insurance plans provide us with more customization according to our needs.

But there so many types of insurance policies out in the market, how to choose the right one? What you should look out for? Even if you can afford it, you do not have to buy every type of insurance. My purpose here is to help you understand insurance better, contact me for a holistic financial and insurance planning strategies.


What is Insurance?

Insurance is meant to protect you, your loved ones and family, financial protection against your income or financial loss due to illnesses (income protection), death or total and permanent disability (life insurance). The insurance you buy depends not only on what you want to protect but also what you can afford.


Types of Insurance Planning

Here are 4 main types of insurance and wealth accumulation planning


Before Buying Insurance

Before obtaining any financial products it is recommended to do a complete financial planning, including needs analysis. It is also call the 6 stages needs-based sales advisory process.


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