Clients Testimonial: Meng Chan Financial Service in Singapore

Here are my clients’ testimonial for my financial service. After more than 12 years of hard work as a financial consultant, I am truly humbled by the trust and appreciation from my clients, who has taken the time to share their thoughts and feeling about my insurance and financial planning service with everyone. These are some of my clients testimonial.


insurance-meng-chan-financial Meng was recommended to me when I was looking for a trusted financial consultant. He gives the most honest and mindful advice regardless of work or personal. Meng is not the sweet talk type of consultant. He helps me to see my blind spot as a client and as a friend. And I trust him.

– Ms. Lee Si Hui – Account Manager

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore- Anthony TeoI met Mr. Chan many years back, when he was still a young agent. I took up medical insurance for my children with him, but my life insurance underwriting result came back with premium loading due to my pre-existing condition, mainly because of my weight, and thus I did not take up the plan. As the years went by, Mr. Chan continued to follow up with me diligently every year with no hard sell. Throughout the years, I kept gaining weight, thus making it much more difficult for me to get any insurance on a standard term.
Mr. Chan is very patient and nice. He always reminds me to take care of my health and watch my diet so that my health will improve. He also shares with me some healthy diet plans and reminds me to work out regularly. I am much healthier and more energetic than before, thanks to the doctor’s advice and Mr. Chan’s constant encouragement, and I have reached my ideal weight. I will continue to trust Mr. Chan’s service and have my family’s insurance under his care because he is sincere, honest, open and direct.
Mr. Anthony Teo – IT Manager

insurance-meng-chan financialI am glad that I took Mr. Chan’s advice in obtaining medical insurance for my parents. He is not a hard seller; he provides concepts that are easy to understand, honest and open. If not for the medical insurance that Mr. Chan had recommended, my sister and I would certainly be financially burdened by the medical bill and post-medical expenses such as chemotherapy. During those crucial moments, Mr. Chan is also kind enough to contact us regularly to check on us. Sometimes a listening ear is all we need.

Unfortunately, my dad did not survive the illness. And years later, my mum required leg surgery, and her medical insurance gave us peace of mind. With Mr. Chan’s help, her claims for surgery, hospicare, and pre and post claims became seamless, and he also checked on us constantly. I will continue to have my life insurance and retirement plan from Mr. Chan, and so does my sister. We are really glad to have him as our financial consultant.
Mr. Wong Soon Meng – Senior Executive

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore- Anthony KhaiMore than 9 years of excellence, dependable and trustworthy service and a good friend.
– Mr. Anthony Khai – Mechanical Engineer


Honestly, I know I am not an easy client to have, as I was a non-believer in anything insurance related. I’d rather keep my money in my pocket or bank where I can see it. If my brother had not referred Mr. Chan to me, I would not have even wanted to meet him because he is an insurance agent. But I gave my brother’s face and I met up with Mr. Chan. I remember the first time I met up with him many years back. He was very patient and professional. He did not hard sell me, but rather he educated me on the importance of insurance and financial planning. Eventually, I obtained medical and life insurance from him. He continues to follow up and do a yearly review with me even though I did not obtain any more of his services.

One day, my father met with a critical accident while riding his motorbike. Sadly, he did not survive the accident. At that moment, I truly understood that anything could happen at any instant. After that, I obtained an accident policy with Mr. Chan. He is a financial consultant who is sincere, open, direct, and easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone.

– Mr. Jeffrey Wong – Sales Executive


Meng is by far one of the kindest, most caring, honest-direct, and approachable individuals I know and the most experienced financial consultants I have ever worked with. His customer service is excellent and second to none. His positive and professional attitude helped turn any of my stressful situations into easy solutions because he not only cares about his job, but he also cares even more about his clients.

Before I met Meng, my previous consultants did not follow up and update me on my investment portfolios diligently. I got to know Meng through one of my friends. And Meng followed up and kept me updated on my investment portfolio and market situations diligently. Even when the market is down and my investment portfolios are not doing well, he will update me honestly and without hiding anything. As compared to my previous consultants, all of whom disappeared after I invested with them. I am really glad to have known Meng as an individual and also as my financial consultant. He is so very helpful and friendly. I truly appreciate the exceptional service he provided me with.

– Ms.Gina Ang – Full Time Investor

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore-Cynthia-LeeMr. Chan is an approachable and knowledgeable consultant. He is direct and specific in explaining the plans. Most of all, he always follows up with me and recommends plans that I require. Thumbs up!
– Ms. Cynthia Lee – A happy mum and housewife

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore-YapMeng is very approachable and efficient in answering all my questions related to insurance and on all my policies. He also provides recommendations according to my needs.
– Mr. Yap – IT Specialist

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore-David-ChauMeng is sincere and professional. He would advise prudence financial planning as he introduce the policy products. And he will not do hard selling.
– Mr. David Chau – IT Specialist

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore--marvinMeng always answers my queries very timely and honestly. And he regularly follows up to review my portfolio and coverage, advises me about new products without forcing me to buy.
– Mr. Marvin Sugi Hartono – Electronic Engineer

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore-janey-chanHe makes time whenever I need advice regarding my financial position, he is patience, honestly and direct. And he also helped look through and explain professionally on which are the best funds to switch to for my existing unit trust investments, and no hard selling.
– Ms. Janey Chan – Administrator Manager

Clients-Testimonial-MengChanSG-Financial-Service-Singapore-evelynMeng Chan makes his clients feel like family and he always does his utmost best to assist me whenever is needed. He is a person who is truly honest and sincere and hardworking. I trust him and you should too.
– Ms. Evelyn – Shipping Executive


My PruService Mark Testimonial

The following are testimonial of my clients from my PruService Mark award, where an external party was assigned to conduct a survey with my clients in order to obtain the most unbiased opinions on my service.


“Mr Chan’s professionalism, responsible demeanour and positive attitude are some of the reasons that make me believe his recommendation.”

“He consolidated all my past and present purchases and summarized them in one report for my easy reference and filed them nicely for me.”

“He took time to sit down and explain even when it was only on weekends that we could meet him.”

“My Financial Consultant answers my questions regarding the insurance policies honestly and provides recommendations on the correct action. He doesn’t force me to buy the policy product that he introduces.”

“He looks after our insurance coverage as if it were his own.”

“He introduces policy products which are suitable for me. He is open to questions and he answers them honestly.”

“Honesty and Clarity, without hiding anything.”

“He set up an appointment and provides a clear explanation. Mr Chan gave me the time to discuss with my family members before committing.”

“Makes ad-hoc request processing fast and simple, without delay and worries.”


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