Agency New Year Lunch 2020 Singapore

Another year (2019) had ended, and 2020 will be here for another year before becoming part of our history in life. Our agency starts the year 2020 with lunch in Forest 森 restaurant at Equarius Hotel in Resort World Sentosa. It is also a session where we celebrate our last year achievement and hard work, and discuss on this year goals and possible strategies
We encounter many challenges just like any business owners, but also many miracles in our line of work. Sometime, only our team mates will understand how we truly feel, as we walk and the same path and fight the same battle and achieve the same glory. Those who do not know, they may view financial consultants as a salesman career, but the truth is, this is a very sentimental and compassionate business. I have many clients who have been with me for more than 10 years, and some of my teammates where they have clients been with them for more than 20 years. The uniqueness of this business is that clients stay with us because of our individual unique characters, trust and


As the year had began, everyone will eventually be busy thus we may not always had the opportunity to meet everyone, thus this is a very good gathering for our agency. We really enjoyed ourselves, the food was fantastic, served in this rainforest-themed restaurant. I took some photos with my teammates and with my director. But nothing compare to the amount of photos the ladies took, making full use of the beautiful surrounding.

agency new year lunch 2020 singapore


I would like to wish everyone in my agency a smooth business year ahead, create new miracles in our production and continue to help to close up the life insurance protection and income protection gap of the population in Singapore. And also continue to help them on their retirement planning, because with all this in place, everyone in Singapore can continue to uphold their dignity and free their mind from stress, when they know that their financial are taken care of when they need it the most. Lastly wishing everyone a smooth, healthy and prosperous new year 2020.



Note: Opinions expressed are solely in Mr. Chan Kong Meng’s personal capacity and neither express the views or opinions of Prudential nor represent any professional advice in Mr. Chan Kong Meng’s capacity as a PACS representative.


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