How To Use Zoom For Work From Home (WFH) Meeting in Covid-19



Many workplaces in Singapore have implemented work-from-home (WFH) measures as to lower human traffic in Singapore. In order to further reduce the risk in local transmission of COVID-19, Covid-19 Circuit-Breaker measures had been implemented. During Covid-19 Circuit-Breaker period, many companies and businesses must conduct their business and services through telecommuting from home. I too is facing the same situation as you. Even though my business is under essential services, we are advice to work from home (WFH). I will be using zoom mainly to attend meeting with my agency, company’s online training, and also meeting with my clients.

I had been searching for a simple and easy to understand tutorial on Zoom video conferencing, and you may be on the same boat as me. After viewing a numbers of tutorial videos on YouTube, I found this to be the best and would like to share it with you. So you can start learning and stop searching. Hope this helps you in picking up the basic skill on telecommuting online. Feel free to share at the comments below if you got a better tutorial site to share with us.



Zoom added New Security and Privacy Measures


Here are 10 Ways to Secure Zoom!

There are 10 more ways to secure Zoom! to make your online meeting more secure.



One Last Thing

And lastly in order to reduce further spreading of COVID-19 in Singapore, Work From Home (WFH), social-distancing and reducing direct interactions in public and private places measures had been implemented. As one of the essential services during this Covid-19 Circuit-Breaker period. I am here for you, if you require insurance and financial planning services. It may be policy review and updates or a second opinion on your insurance and financial planning needs. Feel free to arrange a meeting with me. You may choose to have the meeting virtually through Zoom video conferencing at the comfort and safety of your home. So I look forward in seeing you on video, through my virtual insurance and financial planning services. Also not forgetting to give credits to all our frontline medical teams and government task force in fighting the Covid-19. Stay united and fight this pandemic together. Please follow the travel advisories and be socially responsible guideline. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

Here are 4 main types of insurance and financial plannings


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