Pizza Baking Event For Clients and Friends 2019

We had organized a complimentary japanese pizza baking events for our clients and their family and friends at Allspice Institute: Cooking School. We had engaged chef Shann Wong to conduct the lesson, and I am the official photographer. At first it seem a little complicated to those who do not bake often, but eventually with chef Shann around baking became fun that day. This event is much more fun as compared to other previous event we had created for our clients, that are mostly based on medical, financial planning or life insurance and income protection insurance related. We had also done retirement planning and children education saving event before, where clients were able to bring back with them knowledge. But nothing compare to this pizza baking event where our focus is purely for clients have fun and bring back their personal handmade pizza.

The most difficult part in making japanese pizza, will be the pizza dough, as it require lot of strength and repeated kneading and folding of the dough. Chef Shann is really patience going table by table to show each group of participant how to knead and fold the dough correctly, and also share with everyone the reason behind for the kneading process. My colleague and I become part-time assistant to chef Shann, distributing ingredients and cooking accessories to the students. We took a short break after a long kneading process and also allow the pizza dough to proof. After we are back from the break, while the pizza dough was still proofing, we started preparing pizza topping, like 2 different types of cheeses, tomato paste, cutting up tomatoes and sweet basil leaves. Once the pizza dough was done proofing, everyone started adding their topping and ready to send it into the oven.

Wait… waiting.. everyone was very anxious to know how their pizza turned out. Once the pizza was out from the oven, many students started taking photos of their own accomplishment. Some pizza turn out, fatter than others and some were taller. Some of our clients started eating their pizza, some pack them home. So in the end everyone had fun and a free handmade pizza. For us we were glad that our clients and their friends had fun, even though lots of time and efforts had been put into organizing the event, it is worth it to see all happy faces when the session ended.

Pizza Baking Event For Clients and Friends 2019 Pizza Baking Event For Clients and Friends 2019 Pizza Baking Event For Clients and Friends 2019


One Last Thing

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