Prudential Awards Night Singapore and Success

Prudential Awards Night Singapore meng chan financial

Prudential Awards Night Singapore and Success. I attended my company Prudential awards night last Thursday. I want to thank my friends and clients for their trust over the past 13 years of my financial planning practice. To continue to provide you with a positive experience, I will continue to strengthen my knowledge in financial planning and life knowledge, because success has to be holistic.

Since young I defined success as having lots of money and external recognitions, and tend to look up to people who are rich. Now I see beyond my bank account and external awards. As an experienced financial consultant for more than 13 years, and having practised mindfulness and meditation for more than 10, I have met many people with fat bank accounts but sadly they still feel lack of abundance in their soul.

When I advise my friends and clients on financial management, I remind them to be mindful to master money instead of being enslaved by it. True success has to be holistic, where what we own and who we are must align rather than conflict.

There are three wellness in life we have to focus on to obtain true success in life. They are physical, mental and financial wellness.  I am on a mission to combine my expertise in finance with my passion in mindfulness and mediation to help more people achieve true success.

We lose touch with one another and ourselves when we get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. We tend to do things for others out of social obligation rather than from the heart when we lose touch with one another. We lose connection with ourselves when we drift away from the ultimate truth. Our minds are constantly preoccupied with the past and the future rather than being at peace in the present. And we tend to forget about our initial goals and purpose in life.

Therefore, we must set aside time to be present in the moment, reconnect with ourselves, and appreciate what we have and where we are. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with our inner loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

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