Retirement Planning in Singapore



Retirement planning in Singapore and having enough money for life when we start our planning early is what this article is about. And in my personal opinion, the author hit the nail on the head, the pain point of retirement planning.

Retirement Planning in Singapore

“Yes, retirement planning can wait since paying today’s bills is more important, but you should also ask yourself this – wait until when?”
“Look at this from another perspective: If you don’t have a good retirement plan, you may find yourself having to work again when you are much older.”
“But there is only so much the Government can do to help you if you postpone your retirement planning until it is too late to do anything meaningful.” – Source: The Strait Times 29 Aug.

Do you put off retirement planning because you know that once you start saving for retirement, you’ll have less money to spend each month?
You also reasoned that if you can’t save enough to meet your ideal retirement amount, why start?
Would you like to make working a choice rather than a necessity during your retirement years?

Do you prefer to be financially free while maintaining your dignity rather than burden your children or the government for assistance during your retirement years?

If you answered yes to the preceding questions, you are not alone. Many of my clients are like you, tend to put off their retirement planning, or are unsure where to begin. That was until I shared with them my W.I.N. retirement planning framework.


Start Planning Your Retirement in Singapore Now, To Have Money For Life

My clients are now on a wealth accumulation route with their retirement plans that meets their needs and without sacrificing much of their current lifestyle. Whether they are accumulating their wealth through investments or easy-to-implement endowment savings that will provide them with a guaranteed monthly income during their retirement, they are getting closer to their financial goals and peace of mind during their golden years. Connect with me now to know more about planning for your retirement with ease through my W.I.N. retirement planning framework.


One Last Thing

Retirement planning is about having a product or a plan that will gives you a stream of guaranteed income when you retiredno matter where you are, what you do or what condition you are in. While planning it should include your time horizonsexpenses of your future lifestyle needs, adequate medical insurance coverage. Rule of thumb is saving at least 20% of your annual income. Therefore, if you save lesser or start your retirement planning too late, you will not be able to reach your financial freedom goal at your retirement age. Retirement planning takes time, please seek help from your friendly financial consultant to help you with your retirement planning when required, or contact me for a holistic Insurance and Financial Planning.


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